HQ2006 - Program

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Monday, May 15th: High-pT Phenomena

Morning Session: Jets and the Medium

08:30 Welcome
08:45 James Dunlop (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
What’s left to learn? [ppt]
09:20 Andre Peschier (Giessen):
Rethinking the QCD collisional energy loss [pdf]
09:40 Thorsten Renk (Jyvaskyla):
Signatures of Mach shocks at RHIC [pdf]
10:00 coffee break
10:30 Camelia Mironov (Los Alamos National Laboratory):
Virtual Photon Tagged Jets [ppt]
10:50 Tatsuya Chujo (University of Tsukuba):
Search for the onset of the baryon anomaly at RHIC-PHENIX [ppt]
11:10 Masahiro Konno (University of Tsukuba):
Identified Charged Hadron Production at high-pT [ppt|pdf]
11:30 Matthew Lamont (Yale University):
Investigation of the high-pT strange baryon anomalies at RHIC [pdf|key
11:50 discussion forum
13:00 lunch

Afternoon Session: Jet Correlations

17:00 Henner Buesching (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
Neutral Meson Production at high-pT with the PHENIX experiment at RHIC [ppt]
17:20 David Winter (Columbia University):
High-pT π0 production with respect to the reaction plane using PHENIX [ppt]
17:40 Leon Gaillard (University of Birmingham):
Identified two-hadron correlations in STAR [ppt]
18:00 coffee break
18:30 Joern Putschke (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory):
Near-side Δη correlations of high-pT hadrons from STAR [ppt]
18:50 Federica Benedosso (Utrecht University):
Jet-like correlations studied in STAR [ppt]
19:10 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Tuesday, May 16th: Correlations, flow and strangeness

Morning Session: HBT and Collective Flow

08:30 Mike Lisa(Ohio State University):
Femtoscopy in Heavy-Ion Collisions [ppt]
09:05 Hanna Gos (Warsaw Institute of Technology):
Proton-proton correlations in Au+Au collisions measured by STAR at RHIC [pdf|sxi]
09:25 Zbigniew Chajecki (Ohio State University):
Femptoscopy in p+p vs. heavy-ions in STAR [ppt]
09:45 Francesco Noferini (Bologna):
Two particle corrleations: from RHIC to LHC [ppt]
10:05 coffee break
10:30 Raymond Snellings (NIKHEF):
Anisotropic flow at 5.5 TeV [ppt|pdf]
10:50 Hannah Petersen (Frankfurt):
Elliptic and directed flow in heavy-ion collisions at GSI-FAIR and CERN-SPS energies [ppt]
11:10 Chiho Nonaka (Nagoya University):
Space-time evolution of bulk QCD matter at RHIC [ppt]
11:30 discussion forum
12:45 lunch

Afternoon: Strangeness

17:00 Jeff Speltz (IReS -Strasbourg):
What can we learn from the energy dependence of strangeness production at RHIC? [ppt]
17:20 Ingrid Kraus (TU Darmstadt):
Do small systems equilibrate chemically? [ppt]
17:40 Boris Tomasik (Univerzita Mateja Bela):
The K/π horn and the lifeteime of the fireball [pdf]
18:00 coffee break
18:30 Boris Hippolyte (IReS -Strasbourg):
Strange prospects for LHC energies [ppt|pdf]
18:50 Christina Markert (Kent State University):
Strange resonance production in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC [ppt]
19:10 Mark Heinz (Yale University):
Next-to-leading order models for strange hadron production in p+p [ppt]
19:30 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Wednesday, May 17th: The Yin and Yang of Heavy-Ion Physics

Morning Session: Future Experiments, Detectors and Measurements

08:30 Andrea Dainese (Padova & INFN):
ALICE perspectives for the study of charm and beauty energy loss [ppt]
08:50 Fabien Guerin(Clermont-Ferrand):
Measurement of Upsilon production with the ALICE muon spectrometer [ppt]
09:10 Zaida Conesa del Valle (SUBATECH):
Detection of W bosons in the ALICE muon spectrometer [pdf]
09:30 coffee break
10:00 David d’Enterria (CERN):
Small-x and QGP physics at CMS-LHC [pdf|sxi]
10:20 Marcello Lunardon (Padova):
ALICE performance for the measurement of beauty via the electron decay channel [ppt]
10:40 Alexandre Shabetai (IReS -Strasbourg):
The HFT: a stand-alone heavy flavor tracker at STAR [pdf]
11:00 Jason Kamin (SUNY-SB):
A hadron blind detector for the PHENIX experiment [ppt]
11:20 discussion forum
12:20 lunch

Afternoon Session: Theory

17:00 Denes Molnar (Purdue University):
Heavy quarks at RHIC from parton transport theory [pdf]
17:20 Zhe Xu (Frankfurt):
The role of the gluonic gg-ggg interactions in early thermalization [ppt]
17:40 Konrad Tywoniuk (Oslo):
Gluon shadowing and the nuclear modification factor [pdf]
18:00 coffee break
18:30 Prashant Jaikumar (Argonne National Laboratory):
Hot Quark Stars: Features and Findings [pdf
18:50 Marcus Bluhm (FZ Rossendorf):
QCD Equation of State in a Quasi-Particle Perspective [pdf]
19:10 Claudia Ratti (ECT* Trento):
Phases of QCD [pdf]
19:30 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Thursday, May 18th: Electromagnetic Probes

Morning Session:

08:30 Joerg Ruppert (Duke University):
What does the ρ meson do? Lessons from NA60’s di-muon measurement [ppt]
09:05 Stefan Bathe (UC Riverside):
Direct photon production at RHIC [ppt]
09:25 Martijn Russcher (Utrecht University):
Direct photons with the STAR detector [ppt]
09:45 Sanja Damjanovic (Heidelberg):
First measurement of the ρ spectral function in high-energy nuclear collisions [ppt]
10:05 coffee break
10:30 Alberica Toia (SUNY-SB):
Measurement of the low mass di-electron continuum with the PHENIX experiment [ppt]
10:50 Torsten Dahms (SUNY-SB):
Measurement of photons via conversion pairs with PHENIX in Au+Au at RHIC [ppt]
11:10 Michele Floris (Cagliari):
Phi production in NA60 [ppt]
11:30 Thomas Eberl (TU Muenchen):
Probing the in-medium properties of hadrons with di-electrons [ppt]
11:50 Kevin Haglin (St. Cloud State):
Unturned Stones for Electromagnetic Probes of Hot and Dense Matter [ppt]
12:10 discussion forum
13:00 lunch

Afternoon: Excursion

Friday, May 19th: Soft Physics

Morning Session: Bulk Properties and Fluctuations

08:30 Jamie Nagle (Colorado):
The Letter “s” [ppt]
09:05 Rachid Nouicer (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
Similarity of Initial States in A+A and p+p collisions in the constituent quark framework [ppt]
09:25 Giorgio Torrieri (McGill University):
Constraining the freeze-out in heavy-ion collisions with yields and fluctuations [pdf]
09:45 Ewelina Kornas (Polish Academy of Sciences):
Energy dependence of proton and antiproton production from NA49 [ppt]
10:05 coffee break
10:30 Helen Caines (Yale):
Is Soft Physics Merely Entropy Driven? [ppt]
10:50 Marcus Bleicher (Frankfurt):
Signals of deconfinement at SPS energies [ppt]
11:10 Chiara Zampolli (Bologna & INFN):
Event by Event Fluctuation Studies for the ALICE experiment [ppt]
11:30 discussion forum
12:30 lunch

Afternoon: Jet Production

17:00 Mercedes Noriega (CERN):
Jet Physics in Alice [ppt]
17:20 Jana Bielcikova (Yale):
What can we learn from high-pT azimuthal correlations of neutral strange baryons and mesons at RHIC energy? [ppt]
17:40 Nicholas Borghini (CERN):
Multiplicity Distributions for Jet-Parton Showers in the Medium [ppt]
18:00 coffee break
18:30 Gergely Barnafoldi (MTA KFKI RMKI):
Jet Tomography in the Forward Direction at RHIC [pdf]
18:50 Constantin Loizides (MIT):
High-pT suppression and surface effects in nucleus-nucleus collisions [pdf]
19:10 Alberto Accardi (Iowa State):
Can we distinguish energy loss from hadron absorption? [pdf|odp]
19:30 discussion forum
20:00 dinner

Saturday, May 20th: Heavy-Quark Physics

Morning Session: Heavy-Quark I

09:30 Haibin Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
Open Charm Measurements [ppt]
10:05 DongJo Kim (Yonsei University):
Open heavy flavor production from single muons with the PHENIX experiment [ppt]
10:25 coffee break
11:00 Raphael Granier de Cassagnac (Ecole Polytechnique):
J/ψ production in PHENIX [ppt|pdf]
11:20 Frank Laue (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
v2 and RA of non-photonic single electrons: which restrictions do the current measurements pose on the production of charm, bottom and Drell-Yan? [pdf]
11:40 discussion forum
13:00 lunch

Afternoon: Charm Thermalization, Flow and Energy-Loss

17:00 Jaroslav Bielcik (Yale):
Suppression of high-pT non-photonic electrons in Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV at RHIC [ppt]
17:20 Paul Sorensen (Brookhaven National Laboratory):
Suppression of non-photonic electrons from enhancement of charm baryons in heavy-ion collisions [ppt]
17:40 coffee break
18:10 Shingo Sakai (University of Tsukuba):
The azimuthal anisotropy of electrons from heavy flavor decays in √sNN = 200 GeV Au-Au collisions at PHENIX [ppt]
18:30 Chen Zhong (BNL/SINAP):
Muon spectra from charm semileptonic decay in Au+Au collisions at STAR [pdf]
18:50 discussion forum
20:00  dinner and Klaus Kinder-Geiger Award ceremony

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