HQ2006 - Proceedings


Proceedings of the conference will be published in The European Physical Journal C in a regular (although dedicated) issue, i.e., as peer reviewed articles. Each participant will obtain one issue for free. All articles will be available on the web through the journal web pages.


  • The deadline for submission is August 1, 2006.
  • Page limit is 6 pages (hard).
  • Please do not include the collaboration lists. We will put them separatly at the end of the volume. So all you need is "Name for the Name collaboration". Make sure that one from your collaboration sends us the complete collaboration lists in a separate TeX file.
  • Please donwload the style files at: http://www.eurphysj.org/makro.html
  • Sent your draft to hq2006@hq2006.bnl.gov

Last Update:Monday, July 17, 2006