Similarity of Initial States in A+A and p+p Collisions in the Constituent Quark Framework

Rachid Nouicer

The multiparticle production results from A+A and p+p collisions have been compared based on the number of nucleon participants and the number of constituent quark (parton) participants [1]. In the nucleon participants framework, the particle density in A+A collisions is significantly higher than that of p+p collisions at the same energy. However, when the comparison is made in the constituent quarks framework, A+A and p+p collisions exhibit a striking degree of agreement. This observation implies that the number of constituent quark pairs participating in the collision controls the particle production. One may therefore conjecture that the initial states A+A and p+p collisions are similar when the partonic considerations are used in the normalization.

In the talk, I will present the procedure for calculating of the number of constituent quark participants and the comparison of charged particle multiplicity results from Au+Au, Cu+Cu, d+Au and p+p collisions presented in both frameworks: nucleon and constituent quarks.

[1] Rachid Nouicer, American Institute of Physics in press (2005), e-print nucl-ex/0512044.