Jet Tomography in the Forward Directions at RHIC

Gergely Barnafoldi

In ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions the secondary parton distribution in momentum space can be described by the superposition of the proton-proton (pp) collisions following the Glauber-Gribov model. RHIC data on high-pT hadron production display strong suppression in wide rapidity region, indicating strong induced energy loss for both transversally and longitudinally traveling partons. We investigate this suppression in a perturbative QCD improved parton model and extract the opacity of the produced hot matter in AuAu and CuCu collisions at energies sqrt(s)=200 AGeV and 63 AGeV at different rapidity values. I will discuss the direction dependent suppression and the properties of the hot matter both: in central and peripheral collsions.