v2 and RAA of non-photonic single electrons: Which restriction do the current measurements pose on the production of charm, bottom and Drell-Yan ?

Frank Laue

In relativistic heavy ion collisions, heavy flavor is expected to result predominately from initial hard parton-parton scatterings. Hence, in the absence of later stage effects, the production of heavy flavor in A+A collisions can be viewed as a superposition of n+n collisions. Measurements of v2 or RAA of heavy flavor (or their decay electrons) in A+A collisions violate the simple superposition picture and therefore present themselves as probes of the medium formed in such collisions.

On the basis of the measured v2 and RAA of non-photonic single electrons in A+A collisions at RHIC, we will investigate the interplay between these observables as well as the restrictions they pose for charm, bottom, and Drell-Yan production.