Jet-like correlations studied in STAR

Federica Benedosso

The study of jet-like correlations provides information on characteristics of the Quark Gluon plasma, such as the initial state density. Correlation measurements with respect to energy deposited by photons and pi0 in the Star electromagnetic calorimeter in an on-line triggered datasample allow to probe the most energetic jets.

In this talk I will discuss how such correlation measurements in Au+Au can be used to probe the hot and dense early stages, and how d+Au collisions provide a reference. I will present the status of the analysis in d+Au, with comparisions to charged hadrons correlations. At last I will give an overview of similar analyses for Au+Au.

The results presented are obtained with the STAR detector at RHIC, which is designed specifically to study the properties of the Quark Gluon Plasma. In particular, the Barrel Electro-Magnetic Calorimeter allows to study photons and neutral hadrons at high energy, covering the full azimuthal angle.